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Your InkANIMA masterpieces

Over the last few months since launching our first colouring book, we have had so many of you email us, tag us on Instagram or Tweet us your masterpieces. We are blown away by your love and we'd like to share a few of our favourites!

From the first ink drawing, Saint Soldier, to the last one in this edition, Athelas, your creativity has inspired us to push the boundaries of what we produce next. Here are some of our favourite masterpieces from you!

Katy hamilton @ktham922

Thank you everyone! Please keep tagging #InkANIMA on Instagram or Twitter and we will share our favourites in the future. Let us know if we've missed a masterpeice!


We will be publishing regular blogs and tutorials, if you would like to write for us or have an idea for a blog post then please get in touch.


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