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Universal Energy - Creation & Nurture ORIGINAL artwork by MrASingh. 

Product info:
• Gold metallic ink, black acrylic paint, various oil paints and resin 

• 2 Cotton canvas
• Secure shipping with tracking
• Canvas size: 300 x 400mm (x2)


Statement from the artist, MrASingh

"Mandalas are beautiful circular patterns that represent the universe and the wholeness of the creator. Both halves of the mandala are forces that exist everywhere we look. From the tiny atom to the largest galaxy, we're all connected to the exact same forces of creation, love, growth and nurture. The left canvas represents the energy and love in creation, and the right canvas represents energy through nurture and growth. Both powerful forces are complementary, interconnected, and intedependent in the natural world."

*Original artwork has created made by the artist and is copyrighted by MrASingh


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Universal Energy - Creation & Nurture / 2 x Original Canvases


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